AGENDA - EMC Review for the iNARTE Certification Exam

This course is specifically designed to cover the 24 EMC topics that are examined on the iNARTE EMC Engineer Certification Exam. The first 17 items are common to both the EMC Engineer and EMC Technician exams. The last 7 items (in italics) occur on the EMC Engineerexam. The course materials are based on the current iNARTE study guide and also incorporates information from current commercial and military EMC specifications that are emphasized in the exam. Even so, the studentís eligibility to take the exam and their certification test results cannot be guaranteed. See for requirements.

The EMC engineer portion of the exam has questions covering Inter-system, Intra-system, and equipment EMC design thus a brief overview of EMC design techniques appropriate for analog/digital based equipment will be provided early in the course to enhance the understanding of how the other topics fit together. The intent is to provide the understanding that is needed to solve problems. The last day will cover the 60 practice questions from the iNARTE EMC Study Guide and include a practice exam. A scientific calculator is required for the exam and for this course.