EMC/ESD Consulting Services

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Ron Brewer EMC/ESD Consulting can do it all, and has!

Our consulting experience covers the five facets of EMC from start to finish. This includes reviewing the design, evaluating and defining the requirements, preparing EMC documentation, creating models, providing EMC support to your design engineers, developing test criteria, assisting with or witnessing the testing, and of course mentoring.

We have designed, developed, and tested equipment to all the typical government, commercial, military/NATO, and aerospace EMC requirements, and specialize in COTS equipment redesign/retrofix to meet military platform/equipment requirements.

There seems to be a misconception that EMC requirements are testing documents, which is not true. They are design documents but the design evaluation requires some unique procedures which are normally included in the standard. As an example, MIL-STD-461 states that the EMC requirements are established to:

(a) Insure that interference control is considered and incorporated into the design of equipment.
(b) Enable compatible operation of the equipment in a complex electromagnetic environment.Ē

This can only be accomplished in a cost effective manner by designing EMC measures into the design from the beginning . . . it canít be bolted on after the design is finished. Plus, it's a lot cheaper to secure the services of an EMC expert in the beginning design phases -- before changes require major redesign -- than to start all over and eat the non-recurring engineering costs.

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