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Since Don White’s retirement in 2002, many of his great EMC books are no longer available, and there is a very limited supply of those that do remain. I managed to obtain Don’s remaining inventory when he retired, and have a small number of the following titles. These are brand new books and with a few exceptions, the available quantities of each title is maybe 10 books . . . and when they are gone, they are gone!

The books that are still available on a first come first served basis are:




Electrical Filters – Synthesis, Design & Applications



EMP Environment and System Hardness



Lightning/Lightning Protection



EMF Controversy



EMC, Computer & Telecom Encyclopedia (Book only)



Computer Site



Aerospace Engineers Handbook of Lightning Protection



EMI Control in the Design of PCB’s (Book only)



Fiber Optics and Optical Isolators



Purchases can be made by PayPal, Money Order, Cash, or Check (Personal checks will be held until cleared).  PayPal will handle most credit cards, with the exception of US Government credit cards . . . I have no idea why.  Shipping and Handling within CONUS will be $6.00 per book plus postage - multiple books will be shipped together to reduce S&H costs. It will take about two (2) weeks.  Since this is a closeout, there is no guarantee of book availability.


The following paragraphs provide brief descriptions of the books listed above.  Several books originally had optional CD’s.  Fortunately, the material was covered in detail in the books, because there are NO Don White CD’s or software available.

Electrical Filters - Synthesis, Design and Applications by Donald R. J. White -- This book is one of the best basic and fundamental handbooks written on electrical filters.   Topics range from networks and synthesis to design and physical realizability. Lumped and distributed element filters, hybrids, active and acoustical filters are covered. The meaning of poles and zeros in the frequency plane, and corresponding network behavior are reviewed. Filter-circuit designs of low, high-band-pass, and band-rejection are discussed, along with insertion loss and component characteristics including leakage resistance and parasitic behavior at VHF and UHF. The chapter on physical realizability of filters helps prevent the designer from selecting components that are not physically realizable. Selecting inductors which have parasitic capacitance, resonance and capacitors with too much parasitic inductance are avoided. Alignment and measurement techniques are discussed for multistage filter tuning. -- 295 pages, 195 Illus., Price:$35

EMP Environment and System Hardness by Dr. Rabindra N. Ghose -- Nuclear EMP is surveyed with its impact on electronic systems and vulnerability and system hardness verification. Sources of EMP and the resulting environment are reviewed including the mechanism of the EMP field, deposition region and resulting EM levels for high-altitude, ground and near-ground and under-ground bursts. Internal EMP and system-generated EMP are discussed. Covered in detail entry modes of EMP energy into systems. -- 250 Pages, 115 Illus., Price: $43

Lightning and Lightning Protection by William C. Hart and Edgar.W. Malone -- Lightning phenomena, six different types of lightning, and lightning damage and protection are surveyed. Lightning protection covers prevention, arrestors, and surge suppressors (gas arc discharge, solid-state and hybrid protectors). Grounding and bonding, protection systems, and applications for buildings and vehicles are included. Testing, measurement, design verification and compliance certification include injection testing and the indirect effects of externally mounted hardware. Periodic maintenance of devices and installations are tested and inspected including grounding and bonding. New developments in lightning protection are reviewed. -- 181 Pages, 87 Illus. Price: $40  

The EMF Controversy and Reducing Exposure from Magnetic Fields by Don White, M. Barge, E. George & Karl Riley -- This book was inspired by a search of the four authors for a solution to the EMF perceptions. One of the first of its kind, this new book on the EMF Controversy issue presents much material, some not in print before. The four authors, a bio-effects scientist, an attorney, and two electrical engineers team up to tell much of the low-frequency, magnetic field, EMF story in a clear and unbiased manner. Chap. 1: The EMF Controversy Continues Seven sections from history to risks. Chap. 2: Forming an EMF Corp. Policy Seven sections from corporate responsibility to corporate policy. Chap. 3: Magnetic Field Reduction Techniques for Overhead Power Lines Eight sections from magnetic fields to Vertical Delta, Double Circuits. Chap. 4: Practicing Prudent Avoidance Seven sections from prudent avoidance to public transportation; Chap. 5: Reducing Magnetic Fields from Building Wiring & Grounding Six sections from current loads to unbalancing of circuits. -- 201 Pages, 45 Illus., Price: $29

The EMC, Computer and Telecom Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition by Don White -- Units, Terms, Definitions, Formulas, Math Models, Tutorials, Case Histories, Problem Solutions, Regulations, Standards, Test and Measurement, Products, Services, Books, Publications, Training Material, Government Agencies, Organizational Bodies, Almanac, Acronyms, and Contacts. This desk reference book consists of about 7,500 EMC-related entries. It includes many useful illustrations, figures, tables, charts, diagrams and formulas. NOTE: This book is on the NARTE recommended reference list for the EMC certification exam, and a great handout for EMC Courses - quantity discounts are available for this book. -- 736 Pages, 529 Illus., Price: $59

Computer Site Integration Techniques by Warren Lewis -- This book includes lightning and surge protection, power conditioning, I/O cable interfacing and protection. Isolation transformers, line voltage regulation, motor alternator, UPS and other power conditioning apparatus are covered. Shared vs. dedicated circuits are discussed along with powerline analyzer and system grounding. Zero Signal Reference Systems (ZSRS) and Grounds (ZSRG) are covered. Physical realizability and construction of resulting sub-floor cell techniques are examined including wire-grids, bus bars, foils and sheet metal. Computer cable installations, including data control, signal LAN and telephone cables are discussed. Electrical conduits, cable trays and raceways, their grounding and interconnect to ZSRG are analyzed. The small computer room is also discussed, with guidelines for interfacing of external cables with the computer room. Small, stand-alone equipment requirements/realizability are reviewed. -- 116 Pages, 35 Illus., Price: $35

The Aerospace Engineer's Handbook of Lightning Protection by Dr. Bruce Gabrielson -- Lightning-strike physics with applications to aerospace vehicles, missiles and rockets are covered along with electromagnetic ambient threats. Expectations are presented. Aperture-type magnetic-field coupling and flux penetration are reviewed with their fixes and control. Electrical and mechanical protection techniques are presented along with shielding and insulator materials, protection of cables, boxes, computers, and memory and the impact of several composites. -- 218 pages, 106 Illus., Price: $40

EMI Control in the Design of Printed Circuit Boards by Don White – This is Volume 1 of a 2 Volume set on PCB EMI control and was written to bring PCB designers up to date with the new developments in high speed PCB design.  This volume contains the first 5 chapters of 11 chapters.  Chapter 1 covers introductory EMC material,  specifications, and standards.  Chapter 2 addresses impedance control, 1 through 8 layer boards, image planes, microstrip/stripline, ground planes, logic families, and noise budgets.  Chapter 3 shows how to predict radiation based on trace geometry, while Chapters 4 and 5 address DC power distribution, decoupling caps, clock circuits, data lines, vias, routing layers, and trace termination.  – 119 pages,  55 Illust., Price $29

Fiber Optics and Optical Isolators by Dr. Chris Georgopoulos – This book addresses the wire line EMC problems of radiation coupling and crosstalk and then discusses fiber optics and optical coupling as a solution to these problems.  The use of optical isolators in systems and circuits is covered along with testing and device selection.    Digital and analog fiber optic links and their limitations are covered and the selection criteria covers systems considerations, components, modules, and devices.  In addition, packaging  assemblies and compatibilities are addressed.  Hardened Fiber Optic Links are covered as well as EMI environments.   Applications to industrial controls and measurements of transmission characteristics are also surveyed.  – 271 pages, 161 illus., Price $39



Q:   Has the physics of EMI/RFI/EMC/EMP/E3/etc/etc changed in the last 50 years?

A:   NO!

Q:   Where can you get this much fundamental EMC information for this price (i.e. bought an EMC book lately)?

A:   It’s easy to supply the answer to this question.