Don White EMC Books

The footprints of an EMC pioneer lingering on

Don White was one of the early pioneers in EMC. At one time he worked for Carl Frederick as Director of Research for the Frederick Research Corporation (MD). This organization did measurement predictions and suppression of RF interference of communication equipment. They published a 4 volume handbook series on RFI which in 1962 was considered the standard reference on interference control.

Don left Frederick Research to start White Electromagnetics Inc. (WEI), and build the first fully automated emissions and susceptibility measurement systems -- and of course he needed to train the operators on what they were measuring and how to do the measurements. Don has the uncanny ability to visualize how electromagnetic fields are created and interact with circuits and describe the process so almost anyone can understand it.

After WEI, he formed Don White Consultants, Inc (DWCI). One of his product lines was EMC short courses and he employed contract instructors with individual specialties who traveled around the world teaching EMC. Working with him was a HOOT! My first assignment was to teach the SHAPE organization (Belgium) about MIL-STD-461.

DWCI published a trade magazine for EMC engineers called EMC Technology and a number of handbooks on various EMC-related topics. His last book before he retired (2002) was “The EMC, Telecom, and Computer Encyclopedia Handbook”, an 800-page desk reference on EMC. These are really good books and one of the iNARTE reccommended study references. The books only problem now is that various organizations that were original advertizers have dissapeared . . . but the Physics is still good. I have a number of these and I use them in my training courses.

Don is a prolific writer and apparently he just couldn’t give up writing. I learned that he has recently published: “EMP Protection of Buildings and Solar Rooftops from Nuclear Threats and Solar Flares”. I saw it listed at: I know nothing about it but I am planning to get a copy.

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