RON BREWER is an independent consultant/contractor specializing in EMC Systems Design, Integration, Shielding and Training. He is a NARTE certified senior engineer for both EMC and ESD and now iNARTE/KEG (Japan)certified EMC Master Design Engineer. He has over 40 years of experience in EMC/TEMPEST design engineering,specializing in COTS systems/equipment hardening. He has extensive applied experience in corporate, project, and system level EMC management, planning, design/development, and evaluation. Ron has provided EMC consulting services for over 35 years on a variety of systems including secure digital telecommunications (both wireline and wireless), commercial audio, computer/EDP, electronic games, medical, automotive, marine, space craft, expendable launch vehicles (ELV), USA space shuttle, RF link analysis, air navigation and defense, RADAR, and assorted C3I equipment -- plus COMSEC, medical, and EMC/Antenna/Lightning facilities to meet their specified military, commercial, and governmental emission and susceptibility/immunity control requirements. An expert in MIL-STD-461, Ron is currently serving on NAVAIR's MIL-STD-461E REM working group. He previously served on NAVAIR's technical working group to develop MIL-STD-461D/462D. Combining these two documents formed MIL-STD-461E/F. Ron has taught more engineers and technicians the ins and outs of MIL-STD-461 than any other instructor.

He is responsible for the invention/co-invention of fifteen devices or methods used in the EMC/TEMPEST field and holds one classified and four unclassified patents. He serves on several technical advisory committees and has numerous technical articles and reports published on EMC/ESD design for systems/equipment, mechanical packaging for EMC, PCB EMC design practices, facilities/equipment/PCB Shielding, and EMC/ESD test and measurement. His articles have appeared in Compliance Engineering, Electronic Design, Electronic Product World (China), Electromagnetic News Report (ENR), Elektronik I Norden (Norway), EMC Test and Design, EMC Technology, EMF-EMI Control, Evaluation Engineering (EE), ITEM, Machine Design, PD&D, Test and Measurement World, and Wireless Design and Development magazines, as well as the EMC Test Laboratory and Consultants Directory. A special six-article series by Ron Brewer on EMC design for high speed digital devices is posted at Other articles at EE Magizine cover such subjects as shielding, PCB design, EMC Troublshooting, Spacecraft, and Lightning

An internationally recognized EMC consultant and training instructor, Ron has designed, developed, and taught over 400 technical seminars and short courses in 31 countries to over 6,000 engineers and technicians for various organizations (for a partial listing of conference presentations CLICK), and was named Distinguished Lecturer by the IEEE EMC Society. He has taught over 100 intensive courses for DWCI: beginning in 1979. These courses include: Introduction to EMI/RFI/EMC; EMC Systems Engineering; Diagnostics and EMI Practical Fixes; Grounding and Shielding; EMC Design for Mechanical Packaging; Lightning and EMP Protection for Telecommunications Systems; FCC Part 68 and TIF Specifications and Measurement; PCB EMC Design Practices; MIL-STD-461/2 and Systems Level Testing & Procedures; TEMPEST: Design, Control, & Testing; TEMPEST Facilities: Design, Installation & Operation; FCC-CISPR-VDE EMC Specifications and Measurement; and Designing to Meet the European (EU) EMC Directive.

Ron did both his undergraduate and graduate work in Engineering Science and in Physics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, majoring in both electrical and mechanical engineering. He also has a minor in naval architecture. He is a graduate of the USASA TEMPEST and RED/BLACK engineering school, has taken various courses on EMP/Nuclear Weapons Effects and on NACSIM/NACSEM requirements for information processing equipment. He has a long time interest in ham radio, and holds FCC Extra Class license KE3TH. He is a member of NARTE, AFCEA, SNAME, and the IEEE EMC Society. He was elected to and served on the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors and was Publications Chairman for the 2010 IEEE EMC Sumposium. He has had a number of media appearances and interviews on achieving EMC compliance and was featured in the CBS History Channel Special: Three Air Crashes: Common Links, a theoretical discussion about EMC problems with commercial aircraft.

Prior to independent consulting, Ron was Vice President, EMC/Technical Services for Instrument Specialties, now Laird Technologies, where he was responsible for technical planning, coordination, and consulting for the EMC/Technical Services organization and worked closely with the Pennsylvania and California based World Compliance Centers (WCC) which he established in 1983. While there, he also answered questions about shielding and related EMC design topics for www.rbitem.comís Ask The Expert service. He is now writing EMC technical articles for their blog.

During the past 12 years he has also been providing EMC/RF analysis and consulting services for NASA/KSC.