James E Stanley
Technology Expert Transforming Research Into Revenue and Profit Growth Through Leadership, Strategy, and Innovation

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Award-Winning Strategic Engineering Leader with success in technology, engineering operations and process engineering applied to Large Scale Software Systems, Wireless Communications, Military Applications, and Web Development with over 24 years of experience. Possess ability to recruit and develop high performance teams, building relationships, and creating consensus from diverse resources. Specialized competency in RF, antenna, EMC, communication, RADAR, intelligent and knowledge management systems with demonstrated performance including:

High-Energy Operations and Business Development Leader with results including: Core Competencies Resulting In Demonstrable Business Outcomes
Parallel Programming with GPU, MPI, and Threading techniques
Method of Moment, Transmission Line Matrix, Finite Difference modeling techniques
C/C++, JAVA, JAVA Script, PERL, PHP, XML, Tcl, Tk, Visual Basic, Ada, FORTRAN, PL/I, Scheme, and Assembly languages
Strategic/Tactical Planning
New Business Development
Technology Maturation
Learning Machines
Knowledge Management
Full Lifecycle Software Development
Cross Functional Team Building

History Of Driving Business Growth, Operational Effectiveness And Service Excellence

QinetiQ North America, Melbourne, FL – Technology Solutions Provider for NASA and DoD
Technical Director / 2005 – Present
Lead new technology efforts on the Engineering Service Contract (ESC) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) as business unit Chief Technologist. Duties include NASA Technology strategy and evaluation, Work For Others program, basic research, and new business development. Oversight responsibility includes Technology Infusion, Licensing, Publications, Commercial Outreach, Conferences, Success Stories, Patent Assistance, and SBIR/STTR activities.

Mnemonics, Inc., Melbourne, FL – Communications and Flight Hardware Products for DoD
Program Manager / Principal Investigator / 2004 - 2005
Small Diameter Bomb technical design program from engineering to LRIP program. Technical Improvements increased program revenue by 10%, resulting in 38% profit (Highest Margin in Mnemonics History). Received Supplier Excellence Award for program performance (first recognition in Mnemonics History). Presented Boeing Pride Award. Responsible for automating design and test activities resulting in superior program performance.

Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL – University Targeting Basic and Applied Research Applications
Research Faculty / 2001-2004
Performed and directed research in classified RF propagation studies and sensors in non-homogeneous environments resulting in papers and model simulations. Developed proposals with respective requirements specifications resulting in funded classified research in electromagnetic applications. Complex systems modeled on Beowulf parallel computer. Developed Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC) enhancements and applied a Design Of Experiment approach to optimize designs for antenna applications.

General Electric Company, LA and FL – Corporation Operating in Industrial and Transportation Markets
New Products Initiatives Leader / 1997 – 2000
Proposed and awarded $1.1 million for e-commerce prototype project. Developed proof of concept software applications in JAVA and Visual Basic and directed 30+ systems/software professionals located through out US and India (CMM Level 5) resulting in large scale enterprise solution. Performed system development with client for large scale software effort that managed train movement over complex network. Managed 90+ engineers/programmers/etc. assigned to project. Managed scope, cost, and schedule for research and development/enterprise software solutions.


Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology, 2010
Research in Antennas, Leaky Coaxial Cables. RF Propagation, and Chapman Ionospheric modeling

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Mercer University, 1997
NASA Sponsored Research in Attitude Control Law with novel Model Order Reduction technique

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Auburn University, 1988

Professional Activities

Reviewer for IEEE and Applied Computational Electromagnetics Peer Reviewed Journals.
Industrial Advisory Board Member for MathWorks (MATLAB and Simulink), and Advances of Machine Learning in Theory and Applications organizations.

Select Publications

Stanley, J. E., Trout, D. H., Earles, S. K., Kostanic, I. N., and Wahid, P. F. “Analysis of Multi-Layer Composite Cavity using FEKO.” ACES Journal, vol. 25, no. 1 (January 2010): 69-74.

Stanley, J.E. “Indirect Lightning Effects Analysis For A Graphite Composite Structure.” Center Director Discretionary Fund Report, Kennedy Space Center, FL. (2009).

Trout, D. H., Wahid, P. F., and Stanley, J. E. “Electromagnetic Cavity Effects from Transmitters Inside a Launch Vehicle Fairing.” IEEE EMC Symposium. (17-21 August 2009): 70-74.

Van der Veek. B., Bun, R.F., Kirk, D.R., Gutierrez, H., Stanley, J.E., Brewer, R.W., and Trout, D.H. “Modeling the Transmission of Ku-Band Communication Signals Through Rocket Plumes." 27th Annual Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics. (27-31 March 2011).

Lewis, C,, Trout, D.H., Krome, M.E., Perry, T.A., and Stanley, J.E. “NASA Applications for Computational Electromagnetic Analysis." 27th Annual Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics. (27-31 March 2011.)