EMC/ESD Short Courses/Training

"Only Bo Derek deserves a 10!"
A student comment made in one of my MIL-STD-461 courses in 1979

There are a number of great EMC professionals, but few (if any) have Ron Brewer’s extensive EMC/RF background . . . and most of those that do, are not providing training, especially of the caliber Ron provides with both the course and the materials the students get to take with them. Ron is a hands-on EMC professional that is equally at ease running a spectrum analyzer to troubleshoot EMC/EMI problems as he is sitting behind a computer writing design articles or teaching a class of eager students.

Ron has been providing EMC training since 1979. His EMC consulting and training organization provides tailored, in-house, on site EMC/EMI courses to help bring your engineering staff and technicians quickly up to speed. Ron Brewer EMC courses are a blend of the analytical and the practical along with supporting rationale.

Concepts and approaches are highly illustrated to enhance understanding and are reinforced by simplified math models, where practical, to facilitate comprehension without obscuring the ideas. This approach allows designers to be able to prioritize and gauge the effectiveness of their solutions.

Courses are based on field proven commercial and military EMC solutions. As a result of our extensive expertise, our training materials continually integrate the physics of EMC/EMI control with the latest implementation technologies. These courses are not EMC Design Cookbooks – the focus is on rapid technology transfer to enable design, systems, and installation personnel to solve EMC problems.

Our long term experience/expertise in EMC systems design, integration, and shielding combined with a creative approach to problem solving is the primary reason why organizations choose Ron Brewer for EMC Consulting and Training

The following standard courses are available. Inquire about additional and tailored courses.

Agendas for EMC design seminars and short courses:

Ronald W. Brewer