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Iíve been heard to say: ĒI may know a lot . . . but I donít know everything!Ē

In the past 13 years I have been providing EMC/RF Engineering Analysis for the NASA /Kennedy Space Center. I have consulted on a lot of unique EMC problems that many people could not have imagined. Things like shock/vibration induced circuit modulation, large scale resonant cavity RF amplification that turns 5 watts into 300V/m, ESD caused by high energy charged particles and photoelectric effects, radiometer design to prevent upset from lightning on Jupiter, multipaction in RF cables, thermal RF blackouts from rocket exhaust plumes, and other launch related effects.

I know a lot more now, but I still donít know everything. That's why I rely on talented associates.

The engineering professionals that I work with are leaders in the EMC and aerospace field. I have worked with them at NASA and they have the skill sets necessary to deal with specialized client design problems. There's nothing like knowing and working with experts in areas like electromagnetics, thermal, shock, vibration, etc. I capitalize on their talents when consulting -- it makes for a great team!

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James E Stanley
Computational Electromagnetics

James Stanley and I have assisted one another for the last 11 years. He is an award-winning engineering leader with proven success in technology, engineering operations, and process engineering applied to Large Scale Software Systems, Wireless Communications, Military Applications, and Web Development with over 24 years of experience. He has specialized competency in RF, antenna, EMC, communication, RADAR, intelligent and knowledge management systems with demonstrated performance. He is an experienced EMC engineer with program responsibilities for all aspects of EMI including control plan development and implementation, test plans, test procedures, and test report. Performed system analysis for potential EMC/EMI problems with applicable resolution plans. James earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology with research in antennas, leaky coaxial cables. RF propagation, and Chapman Ionospheric modeling. More details about James Stanley.

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